Info Sessions:
Wed, May 25, 6:30pm [RSVP]
Sat, May 28, 1pm [RSVP]
*Sunday sessions begin on June 12th

Home Training is a customized professional development project that makes space for artists and organizers to assess, reflect, learn about, and collectively develop projects, ideas, and opportunities within and beyond Chicago’s art communities. Focusing on topics and concerns that directly impact the progress and sustainability of our practices, Home Training turns my residential space into a place of learning, teaching, and action, simultaneously. 

Each topic and its key questions are chosen and tackled based on the needs of the cohort. Then, each topic is explored over four months through analysis and deconstruction of tested and established examples within and outside of Chicago while incorporating the cohort’s expertise, current ideas, and projects where relevant. These gatherings are designed so that after each session those participating will either make substantial progress on a current idea or leave with knowledge or connections that can be immediately tapped into or applied to their active projects or practice. The final two months are dedicated to collective analysis and refinement of projects and finding solutions to current challenges or questions for each member of the cohort. 

At the end of six months a final reflection session will happen to decide if the members of the cohort want to continue for another six months, tackle new questions, or step out of the group by making recommendations for replacements.

This cohort will be limited to 12 people or collaborative groups.

Costs + Workflow Design
During the first gathering, the cohort establishes a list of goals, activities, and key voices they would like to invite to speak along with a dollar amount to achieve those goals. Then, the total amount is split up into affordable, monthly contributions per member of the cohort.

Focus Areas

  • Funding Models, Resources + Experiments
  • Activation and Sustainability of Project Spaces, Collectives and Small Organizations
  • Establishing and Negotiating Terms in Partnerships, Collaborations, and Commissions
  • Any other topics brought up by the group.