An Introduction for The Shape of Spilled Milk by Matt Austin

For the clarity and revelations to be found in the 25th hour
For definitions of the word trying
For giving in to the beck + call of our romantic voice
For dislocated bones and searches for ruptured recollections
For the weight and weightlessness of age and how it’s worn
For the contradicting meanings of the word bound—limited, leaping, confined, heading towards somewhere or something
For the inherent flaws in our tireless search for something complete
For attempting to use logic for the illogical and somatic
For self-seeking, self-serving, self-preservation and the calm that comes with knowing one’s self
For the first, original love—the one that made us and taught us how

To being enthralled by uncontrollable draws
To the fragments and spaces we often attempt to fill
To embracing incoherent rationale
To genuine, uninhibited, unconventional love letters born from good intentions, failures and poly-memories
To making ourselves at home in places we may not belong
To letting it lie, letting it be and settling into a comfortable squirm
To gratitude for the other moments and the “pinch of” ingredients in our recipes
To power shifts + sympathy, or dissolving criticality in the hints of humanity we are fortunate enough to see
To using we + our instead of I, you, they, she and he
To realizing that stories of perfect timing are myths
To realistic forecasts

To the care and finesse with which you address our flawless mess
And for all who help to fill and spill our glass